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GYYA Yo-Yo Summerjam 2011

GYYA Summerjam is a fun competition with yo-yos. The German Yo-Yo Association (GYYA) has been hosting this event since 2001. Earlier venues have included the EJC 2008 in Karlsruhe and several times the Berlin Juggling Convention.
This is an onstage competition in two categories:
Master Class 3 Min Freestyle and
Beginners Class 1 Min FreestyleSpecial Disciplines
Monday, 8th August, 2 - 5 pm, Show Tent

European Volleyclub Championship 2011

Once again the EJC will host the annual European Volleyclub Championship. Volleyclub - a variation on traditional volleyball played with juggling clubs - has become very popular across Europe. Teams consist of two jugglers. Players can register as teams or individuals and obtain further information at the EJC's info point.
Tuesday, 9th August 11am-5pm, Volleyball Courts

European Jollyclub Championship 2011

Jollyball is a variation of volleyclub which uses juggling balls. Teams also consist of two two players but the court is somewhat smaller and the net a bit lower. This does not mean it is less fun, of course. You can register individually or in teams of two at the EJC info point.
Wednesday, 10th August 11 am - 2pm, Volleyclub Courts

European Jolleystick Championship 2011

Jolleystick works like volleyclub but uses devil sticks instead of clubs. It uses the same court and net as jollyball. If you would like to register, individually or in teams of two, contact the EJC info point.
Wednesday, 10th August 3pm - 5pm, Volleyclub Courts

European Kendema Championship 2011

The kendema is a widely used Japanese toy which has also become more and more popular in Europe in recent years. All European kendema players are invited to compete with their best tricks in this year's championship. There are different levels which means that everybody, beginners, advanced players and professionals, can join in.
More information and registration at the EJC InfoPoint.
Wednesday, 10th August, 2 - 5 pm, Show Tent Special Disciplines

Fight Night - Combat Duell

Wie ein Boxkampf wird von Weltenbummler Bob Carr aus Kanada das legendäre Fight Club Turnier moderiert. Ob wie bei der Premiere 2005 in Rostock wieder das Blut spritzt, bleibt abzuwarten, wenn die mutigen Jongleure mit je drei Keulen jonglierend einer gegen einen antreten. Fight Club ist aber meist ein faires Spiel, denn Regelverstöße werden mit der gelben Keule geahndet...
Mittwoch, 10. August, 23 -24 Uhr, Olympiahalle

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