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Additional Team Leads

Mathias Pusch: Volunteers

I simply love juggling clubs, passing and most of all chatting with my passing partners. Nevertheless, I am probably the only person who has ever performed a solo-passing act. :)

In the 19 years of my juggling craze, the EJC in Munich is an all-time high. As we require many of helping hands for all kinds of jobs, I will try to put my many contacts in the juggling scene to good use in order to attract as many volunteers as possible.

Julia Stangl: ServiceOffice

I learned to juggle at my school's circus club. I became hooked and now, being in teacher training, I can't wait to start a circus club of my own for my pupils. I am also a member of "Chaos Speciale", a group of jugglers who have all volunteered to help me with the organisation of the EJC.
I have always found the exchange between jugglers most inspiring. It was thus only logical to join the EJC team. The EJC is simply an event where it really pays off to invest a great deal of time.

Tobias Thiel: Special Events

I started juggling more than 15 years ago and have spent most of the time in Bamberg performing in a two-man act. Now I live in Munich and, whenever time permits, teach beginners the basics of juggling.

My first EJC in Karlsruhe in 2000 was an eye-opener. It was there that I caught the EJC bug. Now I am excited that I am able to join the team in Munich to make the EJC 2011 an unforgettable event for everyone who is there.

Stefan Bialek: Parade and Security

Fire is my element. I feel at home when I allow it to spin around me. I have been doing this for 14 years and a couple of years ago I met some other jugglers. These nice people taught me a number of new tricks and I also started to develop and refine my own moves. Then I started going to conventions and this made me aware of the EJC.

My job involves a great deal of event management and I therefore felt automatically inclined to join the ECJ 2011 team. The more I become involved in this convention, the more I look forward to it!! My personal goal would be to finally master four balls and four clubs. It would also be great to learn more about unicycling.

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