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Four, three, two, one wheel - By Unicyclists for Unicyclists

We would like unicyclists to fully consider themselves part of the EJC. It is our goal to find as much common ground as possible. Joint events, world class unicyclists participating in shows, workshops by "cracks" for "cracks", for beginners, as well as crossovers will all contribute to this goal.

Unicyclists are more than "Adabeis" (Bavarian for onlookers/camp followers). The unicycling team presents a first class programme.

The festival site

Even without any "modifications" the Olympic Park is an ideal playground for any unicyclist. You can cycle to your heart's content, on the Olympic Hill with its 1000 steps, on ramps made of every material you can think of, in the "Red City" with an obstacle course, in BMW World on a paved, signposted 10km circular route, embankments, banisters, streams, on BMX trails, skateboard parks, ... you can cycle just about everywhere except on the famous tent roofs of the Olympic site, erected in 1972. Unfortunately, but for understandable reasons, they are absolutely taboo.

Unicycling Trial Indoor Area (Kleine Olympiahalle)

ca. 1000 qm für Flat und Trial sowie für Workshops

Unicycle Gym

für anspruchsvolle Freestyler, für Einradhockey, Basketball und Kunstrad sowie Gaudi auf dem Einrad. Hier befindet sich die Werkstatt.

Our site for you - an outdoor trial and flat park - 800m² of tartan floor. Indoor areas ... a hall dedicated entirely to unicycling, flat and freestyle cycling, and unicycle hockey. Free training and exchange of ideas around the clock.

Die Welt der Einradfahrer all inklusive ... eine Bilder-Collage

Unicycle Hockey, Tournaments, Competitions...

The hightlight: EUC meets EJC!

The special edition of the Extreme Unicycling Championship as the Extreme Unicycling Competition from Wednesday to Saturday with a Show of the Champs as the finale ...

You would like to take part? Sign up at The number of participants is limited.

BMW-Welt: Extreme Unicycle Competition Finale am 13. August 2011

Special Kunstrad

Kunstradfahren ist mehr als Akrobatik auf zwei Rädern. Einfache, aber effektvolle Tricks gelingen erstaunlich schnell.

Workshops für Anfänger am Montag, 7. August, bis Freitag, 11. August, von 12 – 14 Uhr, 15 - 17 Uhr, Unicycle Gym, max. acht Teilnehmer, Räder und know how werden vom RKB Solidarität e.V. München gestellt, Einschreibung am InfoPoint


Open stages and shows: You have an act you'd like to try out in front of a knowledgeable audience? Sign up under "Shows"!
Gala show: The best of the best of juggling, unicycling and other disciplines. Secure your ticket right now. The full week's ticket includes gala show admission.

Our workshops for you ... Your workshop for all of us ...

organized by "cracks" for all ability levels. David Weichenberger, Lutz Eichholz, Felix Dietze and many many more will offer unicycling workshops for all ability groups each day. Times and places will be displayed on info screens during the EJC.
Artistic cycling special: Christoph Vogl will offer daily workshops for beginners - with a closing show. Cycles will be provided.
Offer a workshop of your own! The workshop exchange is open to everyone from Saturday 6th August. We look forward to every trick you can teach us.

Fund and Games

The parade on Sunday before the opening show thrives on participation by everyone. Colourful, shrill, artistic, sporty: Show the citizens of Munich what you can do! We will have a workshop to prepare for "our" appearance as unicyclists. Bring whatever you think you can use as decoration for yourself and your unicycle.
Unicycle to the beer garden? Of course!

The Team ...

consists of Nelson Rojas, Thomas Furtner, Florian Kaiser, Tanja Kuhn, Anita und Christoph Vogl (München), Olaf Schlote and Team (EUC), David Weichenberger, Lutz Eichholz, Felix Dietze amd many more. ...
You have further ideas and would like to help organise the event? Become a part of the team, contact

Your unicycle needs servicing? A new Unicycle? Unicycles for Hire? ...

We have a unicycle repair shop ... Dealers are present on site ... We plan to offer unicycles for hire. However, please bring all unicycles you absolutely need with you.

Your safety ... Gym Floors ...

Pay attention to your safety. We expect suitable protective clothing. In some cases such clothing will be required for access to certain areas. Also take care to use indoor tyres, pedals and shoes in gyms.


are subject to the EJC's special conditions. See FAQ

Would you like to learn something completely different?

Leave your unicycle in a dedicated unicycle parking area and have a look round! You will hardly find more offerings for juggling with every prop imaginable, acrobatics, dance, slacklining, yo-yo ... at any other event in the world.

Your help during the EJC

The EJC is non-profit and organised by the participants. It works thanks to your help in setting up and taking down the tents an s stalls. We could also need help in handling logistics (rubbish, badge checks, security). Contact or go to the volunteers desk near the info point.

Meet and greet ...

Meeting points, trips, times for gossip, chat and other information will be distributed in the information booklet handed out with the badge. The info will also feature on screens all around the site. We look forward to meeting you. :)

Hunger und Durst ...

und sonstige andere elementare Bedürfnisse: Du findest alle Infos unter den entsprechenden Rubriken dieser Homepage – Du teilst nicht alle, aber fast alle Interessen mit Jongleuren, Akrobaten und anderen menschlichen Wesen ;-). Die Verpflegung ist NICHT im Ticket enthalten.

Schlafen ...

nicht in der Halle, sondern auf den Zelt- und Campingplätzen (im Preis enthalten, außer die Parkplatzgebühren für Dein Auto) oder im Hotel (nicht im Preis enthalten). Die Stadt München als Eigentümerin der Unicycle Gym und die Olympiapark München GmbH als Eigentümerin der Olympiahalle verbieten das leider kategorisch. Also Zeltausrüstung einpacken.

Kostproben aus dem Programm

Geländeerkundungstour mit Geheimtipps
Samstag, 06.08., 16.00 Uhr,Treffpunkt Eingang Olympiahalle

Vorbereitungsworkshop: Sonntag, 07.08, 10.00 - 12.00 Uhr, Kleine Olympiahalle. Bring Deine Ideen an Deko für Rad und Radler sowie Material mit.

Sonntag, 07.08., 22.00 - 23.00 Uhr,Treffpunkt Eingang Olympiahalle

Special Kunstrad
Montag, 07.08., bis Freitag, 11.08., 12.00 – 14.00 u. 15.00 - 17.00 Uhr, Unicycle Gym, max. acht Teilnehmer, Räder werden gestellt, Einschreibung am InfoPoint

Spiel und Gaudi für Groß und Klein, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
Dienstag, 09.08., bis Samstag, 13.08., 10.00 - 12.00 Uhr, zusätzlich Dienstag bis Donnerstag, 17.00 - 19.00 Uhr, Unicycle Gym

Dienstag, 09.08., bis Freitag, 11.08., 19.00 - 21.00 Uhr, Unicycle Gym, Ob am Ende ein Turnier daraus wird, entscheiden die Teilnehmer vor Ort!

Sonnenaufgangsfrühstück an der Isar
Freitag, 12.08., 04.00 - 08.00 Uhr, Treffpunkt Eingang
Olympiahalle, Frühstück bitte mitbringen!

Samstag,13.08., 09.00 - 12.00 Uhr, Nachtgeocaching, 23.00 - 00.30 Uhr,Treffpunkt Eingang Olympiahalle, GPS werden gestellt


Die aktuell gültigen Preise und weitere Hinweise findest DU unter Registration. Die Prereg hat bereits geschlossen. Du kannst Dich aber online anmelden und vor Ort bezahlen. Tagestickets und/oder Mehrtagestickets kannst Du auch direkt am InfoPoint vor Ort kaufen. Besuchertickets ohne Übernachtung kannst Du ebenfalls am InfoPoint vor Ort oder bei München Ticket zum Preis von 20 € für Erwachsene und 10 € für Kinder von 10 bis 15 Jahren kaufen.

Unicycling all over the World

Unicycling all over the World ... wherever you are ... wherever you want to go ... you are in charge ...

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