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Caravan and Campsite


FC Teutonia Site (Main Camping)
Beautifully situated soccer fields directly adjacent to the Tollwood Festival site to the South of the EJC Village.

Family Camping
An area to the West of the EJC village exclusively for families with children.

Youth Camping - planned
An area exclusively for youths and youth groups North of the EJC Village.

Mixed Caravan and Camping sites (Mixed Caravaning & Camping 1 and 2)

Two sites for caravans as well as tents south of the EJC Village for families and groups who wish to reside in one place. These areas are located inside Munich's Environmental Zone. Your caravan must have an Environmental Badge.[/b/

Caravan Site

Two sites to the West and South of the EJC Village are reserved exclusively for caravans. Your caravan must has an Environmental Badge to enter this area.

Mixed Caravan and Camping sites (ZHS Caravaning / Additional Camping)

This site intended as overflow for caravans and tents is located in the University Sports Campus (Zentrale Hochschulsportanlage) and is a 10 minute walk from the Olympiahalle and a 25 minute walk from the festival site. It is located outside the Environmental Zone for the North of the central ring. An Environmental Badge is not required.


The caravan sites provide sufficient space and are free of charge for everyone. We have decided not to take reservations. Spaces are provided first come, first served. This is the only way it can be managed.

Information on the Environmental Zone and Badge

Four of the caravan sites are two to five minute's walk from the festival site and are located inside the Environmental Zone. The fifth site is to the North of the central ring and thereby outside to the Environmental Zone.
Attention Environmental Zone: In order to enter the Environmental Zone inside the central ring you are required to display a green or yellow badge costing between 5 and 10 Euros. All relevant information is available at (in English and Italian as well as German)
Further information is available at The Site and FAQ


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