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Základná skupina

Andreas Anders-Wilkens: Catering

If Parzival had been my student, I would have taught him to juggle in time.
Munich and the EJC are two focal points of my life. Now they may meet each other in mutual invitation.

Lass uns das undenkbare denken, lass uns das unmögliche tun. (Douglas Adams) Kontakt

Tim Adams: Organisation, Technical Support, Web-design, Design, and Programming

I am a juggler with all my heart and I try to spread the joy of juggling far and wide. When I heard of the EJC, one of my first thoughts was that we simply had to have it in Munich some day.
You just have to look at the impossible long enough. It then become fairly easy. Miracles are a matter of training. (Albert Einstein) Kontakt

Jürgen und Suzann Adams: Jugglers' Parade, Traders, and PR

We have already realised numerous circus projects with our pupils at school. The challenge this time is to make something work that spans many countries.
How high is the sky? As high as you see it. Kontakt Sprievod Kontakt

Christian Bross: Projekt management and Teamwork

I have been mad about juggling for 25 years. An EJC in Munich is certainly a dream come true. Within the core team I will add my experience in the field of project management to ensure that the convention is well prepared and becomes a great success.
Juggling is the art of finding the most difficult way to perform something utterly useless. (unknown author)

Markus Furtner: Vystúpenia

Zúčastnil som sa viac než 100 žonglérskych stretávok. V rámci nášho motta "Od Žongléri pre Žonglérov", by som rád zdieľal tento obrovský zdroj skúseností a tým urobil EJC 2011 v Mníchove úspešnú.

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Juliane Scheer: Service / Office and Legal Advice

You ask why I put my shoulder to the wheel in organizing the EJC? That's a very good question - it would be so much easier to simply buy a badge and enjoy the event. But then the question is just as pointless as why I am constantly trying to keep more objects in the air than I have hands ... it is simply great fun.
The art of juggling is as infinite as music in its possibilities. It´s a wonderful mixture of play, performance, spot and dance - and it is good for people. (Charlie Dancey)

Toni Schneider

I have taught sports at the athletic union of Munich Polytechnic for 27 years.
Toni is still passing on his enthusiasm for sports. He is one of the people who were responsible for establishing juggling, acrobatics, and unicycling on the curriculum at schools and universities.

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