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Flyers can be downloaded for advertising purposes and subsequently printed and handed out. It is also possible to use the forms on the flyers to register offline through an EJA country representative. However, please only do this if online registration is absolutely out of the question:

. Country/Language Black and White Colour

(AUSTRIA - German)

bw, 304K cc, 300K

(BELGIUM - Dutch)

bw, 300K cc, 296K

(BELGIUM - French)

bw, 380K cc, 376K

(BELGIUM - German)

bw, 360K cc, 360K

(BRAZIL - Portuguese)

bw, 140K cc, 140K

(GERMANY - German)

bw, 368K cc, 364K

(DENMARK - Danish)

bw, 384K cc, 380K

(SPAIN - Basque)

bw, 228K cc, 224K

(SPAIN - Castilian)

bw, 240K cc, 240K

(SPAIN - Catalan)

bw, 232K cc, 228K

(SPAIN - Gallego)

bw, 236K cc, 232K

(FINLAND - Finnish)

bw, 288K cc, 284K

(FRANCE - French)

bw, 380K cc, 380K


bw, 240K cc, 240K

(GREECE - Greek)

bw, 396K cc, 388K

(IRELAND - English)

bw, 300K cc, 296K

(ITALY - Italian)

bw, 236K cc, 240K


bw, 172K cc, 176K


bw, 236K cc, 236K

(SWEDEN - Swedish)

bw, 308K cc, 304K

(SLOVENIA - Slovenian)

bw, 344K cc, 340K

(SLOVAKIA - Slovakian)

bw, 440K cc, 424K

(TURKEY - Turkish)

bw, 392K cc, 388K


bw, 240K cc, 236K


bw, 304K cc, 300K

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